PACE Leaders Information Session

The PACE Leaders program provides students with a unique educational opportunity to gain entrepreneurial skills, while enriching the educational experience of their peers. Learn more about the PACE Leaders program and meet the PACE team.

PACE Leaders Information Session2022-12-24T07:53:01-10:00

DEF Indo-Pacific Launch

We inspire, connect and empower people to promote a culture of innovation in the U.S. national security community.

DEF Indo-Pacific Launch2022-12-16T09:45:35-10:00

Entrepreneurship Live with Davin Higashi

His unique perspective on growing a career in a fortune 500 company vs. risking everything and starting a small business has helped many take that first leap into entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship Live with Davin Higashi2022-10-02T22:14:23-10:00

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Cool Women and Hot Food: Featuring Lina Sakai of Fermenstation and Dana Shapiro of Hawaii Ulu Cooperative.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day2020-11-29T20:55:38-10:00


Elemental Excelerator, a global startup accelerator based in Hawaii, is proud to present TEDxElemental on Oct 28, 2020 at 9:00 AM Hawaii


CHANGE Event Series: Health & Wellness

Take a good healthcare system and make it better! Hawaii ranks among the best states in the nation for health care, but

CHANGE Event Series: Health & Wellness2020-02-29T21:12:54-10:00

Protect Your Company and Brand

Ten Things You Need to Know to Protect Your Company and Brand with Wendy K. Peterson, ESQ., and Jeffrey L. Van Hoosear, Esq.

Protect Your Company and Brand2020-01-17T17:51:38-10:00
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