CHANGE: Government & Civics

Hear from the mayors of Kauai, Honolulu, Maui and Hawaii counties as they talk about the big issues impacting their jurisdictions.

CHANGE: Government & Civics2021-08-17T21:36:01-10:00

Leadership Conference

This year’s 8th Annual Leadership Conference will span two days, with optional morning and afternoon sessions. The hybrid Conference will be predominantly

Leadership Conference2021-06-21T12:21:24-10:00

CHANGE Event Series: Natural Environment

How can Hawaii make large-scale tourism sustainable, meet or surpass our clean energy goals, feed ourselves with more sustainable local food, and properly manage public lands for the greater good.

CHANGE Event Series: Natural Environment2021-06-03T14:22:20-10:00

CHANGE Event Series: Arts & Culture

Join us as we discuss ways that arts & culture can revitalize our communities and help our economy recover, look at how

CHANGE Event Series: Arts & Culture2021-04-08T12:13:55-10:00

CHANGE Events Series: Health & Wellness

Hear from change-makers in Health & Wellness from across the Islands as they discuss mental health, especially among our youth, programs for helping Kupuna live well at home, and using tech like telehealth to improve health and wellness outcomes.

CHANGE Events Series: Health & Wellness2021-03-05T06:50:12-10:00

Small Business Summit

Hear from local and national speakers on topics including governmental response to the crisis, how to use big data for success, critical HR issues, securing funding and more!

Small Business Summit2021-01-23T21:58:22-10:00
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