PACE Leaders Information Session

The PACE Leaders program provides students with a unique educational opportunity to gain entrepreneurial skills, while enriching the educational experience of their peers. Learn more about the PACE Leaders program and meet the PACE team.

PACE Leaders Information Session2022-12-24T07:53:01-10:00

Entrepreneurship Live with Chloe Shih

We invite you to our Entrepreneurship Live event featuring Chloe Shih, Product Manager of Discord! Save the date for Entrepreneurship Live, featuring the

Entrepreneurship Live with Chloe Shih2022-11-12T10:27:49-10:00

Entrepreneurship Live with Davin Higashi

His unique perspective on growing a career in a fortune 500 company vs. risking everything and starting a small business has helped many take that first leap into entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship Live with Davin Higashi2022-10-02T22:14:23-10:00

UH Venture Competition Final

The UH Venture Competition provides hands-on education, mentorship and resources to University of Hawaii students and faculty who seek to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur and start a business venture.

UH Venture Competition Final2021-04-24T21:39:01-10:00

Protect Your Company and Brand

Ten Things You Need to Know to Protect Your Company and Brand with Wendy K. Peterson, ESQ., and Jeffrey L. Van Hoosear, Esq.

Protect Your Company and Brand2020-01-17T17:51:38-10:00
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