66th Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair

It’s that special time of year when the kids of Hawaii come together to showcase their contributions to science and the community.

66th Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair2022-12-19T09:13:40-10:00

Chasing Rainbows

Ever wonder why Hawai‘i is arguably the rainbow capital of the world? Join ARCS Honolulu Chapter on Thursday, June 16 to find out.

Chasing Rainbows2022-06-09T23:14:57-10:00

Nerd Nite at Anna O’Briens

We are thrilled to be inviting you back to in-person events with us this month. We are going back to Anna O'Briens upstairs!

Nerd Nite at Anna O’Briens2022-03-02T17:00:54-10:00

SBIR 101

Join us for an introduction and overview of the NSF SBIR program with Program Director Steve Konsek SBIR/STTR’s are a great opportunity

SBIR 1012021-02-24T15:27:46-10:00

Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery

We have reached out for workshops and speakers from Hawaii and outside Hawaii. Participants will also be able to learn from 12 mini workshops and demonstrations, mini keynotes and participate in a Galaxy Treasure Hunt for answers posed by STEM professionals from Hawaii.

Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery2020-09-14T17:20:49-10:00

Kona Science Cafe

Dr Rick Bennett, President Applied Life Sciences LLC and the Kona Coast Waterkeeper, will speak on "The measurement of microbial safety of our recreation waters is a SWAG, and we are going to be OK."

Kona Science Cafe2020-08-25T20:06:49-10:00

Honolulu Science Hack

An open community meetup to hack on science projects every first Tuesday.

Honolulu Science Hack2020-04-26T14:49:46-10:00

Honolulu Science Cafe

We have been able to map the boundaries of the supercluster of 100,000 galaxies that we live in: a structure that we named Laniakea. It is some 500 million light years across, making it one of the largest known features in our Universe.

Honolulu Science Cafe2019-11-25T08:45:33-10:00
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