Engineering for Global Health from Kona

We will discuss the design of a vaccine refrigerator meant for clinics in the developing world, where interruptions can be common and the voltage variable.

Engineering for Global Health from Kona2020-12-04T20:15:27-10:00

Kona Science Cafe

Dr Rick Bennett, President Applied Life Sciences LLC and the Kona Coast Waterkeeper, will speak on "The measurement of microbial safety of our recreation waters is a SWAG, and we are going to be OK."

Kona Science Cafe2020-08-25T20:06:49-10:00

Honolulu Science Cafe: Mining Asteroids

Dr. Robert Jedicke's current research interests include studying the properties of interstellar objects and developing spacecraft concepts to identify asteroids that can be profitably mined.

Honolulu Science Cafe: Mining Asteroids2019-12-31T07:49:29-10:00

Reading the stories preserved in the shells of modern and fossil bivalves

Recent advances in the field of sclerochronology have provided fascinating insights into questions of longevity. Modern bivalves are some of the longest-lived organisms on the planet, with several species reaching lifespans in excess of 100 years, and one, Arctica islandica, over 500 years.

Reading the stories preserved in the shells of modern and fossil bivalves2019-11-25T10:46:27-10:00

Honolulu Science Cafe

We have been able to map the boundaries of the supercluster of 100,000 galaxies that we live in: a structure that we named Laniakea. It is some 500 million light years across, making it one of the largest known features in our Universe.

Honolulu Science Cafe2019-11-25T08:45:33-10:00
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